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Fast and efficient weighing

     ScaleExpert employs number of innovations, which reduces weighing time and enables clients to install fully unmanned weighing site.

ScaleExpert – Automatic driver, vehicle, cargo identification.

     ScaleExpert enables a usage of RFID or barcode cards to store and quickly recall driver’s, vehicle’s and/or cargo related information. All these could significantly reduce amount of data needed to enter by the operator and almost eliminates man errors. ScaleExpert enables clients to arrange weighbridge to be operated by truck driver himself. The system will guide him smoothly through the weighing process.

ScaleExpert Number Recognition.

     If your Enterprise have to manage running outbound or inbound traffic, ScaleExpert collects images from digital camera, converts them into vehicle’s identification data and stores it at weighing records database together with a picture of the vehicle with cargo for future reference.

ScaleExpert Traffic Control.

     If in your production process you need to ensure certain vehicle’s weighing route (e.g. the first weighbridge weights tare, the second weights truck with cargo, etc.), ScaleExpert could automatically operate traffic lights, barriers and other access control devices. E.g. ScaleExpert Traffic Control could be set-up to open gates just after weighing record was made.

Databases of vehicle, client, goods, loads, drivers

Numberplate recognition system

Fully automatic (no operator) work mode

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