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Adapts to your weighing algorithm easily

     Every Enterprise has well-established weighing algorithm based on business logic, location of weigh bridges, production processes and other factors. However your business may need to expand one day. ScaleExpert could be flexibly adapted to your current and future business needs.

Main menu with control bar and scale’s weight in it

Interface for unexperienced operator

Interface for experienced operator

Flexible user interface.

     ScaleExpert provides friendly user interface to fit operator’s experience. Simplified user interface with intuitive icons helps to accomplish tasks for the beginner without need for special computer training. For the Enterprises with intensive and diverse weighing needs, the experienced operator could choose “professional” user interface to operate number of weigh bridges simultaneously without errors.

ScaleExpert - multiuser, network program.

     We have developed the ScaleExpert with an idea to make the expansion of your business operations easy. Need to add more weigh bridges or more operator workplaces? You can add more ScaleExpert users and all of them will use a single database with weighing records. With ScaleExpert you can set different user access rules and passwords. The operators will be set free from reentering the same data, all records of weighing will be ready for your further needs.

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